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What Does Adjudication Withheld Mean?

Everyone is guilty of making a mistake or two in their life, but when that mistake could lead to a conviction, it can significantly affect
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What Does Mens Rea Mean in Law?

The terminology used in criminal law can be extremely confusing. The United States legal system is a direct descendant of the European system, which is
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What is Soliciting a Minor?

While many of us know that having sex with a minor as an adult is illegal, did you know that just asking a minor for
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What are the Penalties for Petty Theft in Florida?

In Florida, a person can be charged with two types of theft crimes – petit theft and grand theft. Florida uses the term “petit” (French
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What is Criminal Mischief?

Criminal mischief, also known as vandalism, may not seem like a big deal. There’s graffiti everywhere! However, when a person purposefully paints graffiti on a
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