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Effective Representation for State & Federal Felony Charges

Any type of criminal charge is a serious matter that requires the assistance of a capable defense attorney, but that is especially true when it comes to felony criminal charges. Felony charges can occur in a wide variety of situations, and convictions carry severe penalties like jail time, fines, probation, and more. Not only that, but a conviction will leave you with a permanent criminal record that can make it challenging to find work, rent a home, be eligible for financial aid, or obtain a professional license, among other things.

When you call Buda Law, you can turn to an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has handled numerous felony cases and trials across the Tampa area. With a background as a former prosecutor in Pinellas County, Attorney Andrew Buda knows how prosecutors analyze cases and understands the steps they take to prove your guilt. The knowledgeable Tampa criminal defense attorneys at our firm will work diligently on your behalf as we pursue a favorable result.

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Types of Florida Felony Crimes

Felonies are considered the most serious of criminal offenses and are punishable by more than one year in prison. Depending on the criminal offense in question, you may be facing a capital felony, a life felony, or a first, second, or third-degree felony. The penalties for each offense vary, with capital felonies being the most serious and third-degree felonies being the least serious of the classes of felonies. 

The type of crime committed and the extent of harm done to the alleged victim factor into the degree of felony charge you face. Common types of felony criminal cases we see at Buda Law include violent crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, white-collar crimes, domestic violence, and drug crimes.

More specifically, examples of crimes charged as felonies in Florida include:

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Penalties for Felony Charges in Florida

As we mentioned before, according Florida criminal law (Florida Statute § 775.081),  felony charges are broken into five different categories with each having their own set of penalties (as outlined in Florida Statute § 775.082). The types of felony charges in Florida include Capital Felonies, Life Felonies, First-Degree Felonies, Second-Degree Felonies, and Third-Degree Felonies. Below, we’ll give examples of each type of felony as well as the penalties associated with a criminal conviction:

Capital Felonies

Examples of capital felonies in Florida include:

  • First-degree murder
  • Sexual battery of a child under the age of 12

Penalties for capital felonies include:

  • Death penalty
  • Life in prison without the possibility of parole

Life Felonies

Examples of life felonies in Florida include:

Penalties for life felonies include:

  • Life in prison
  • Maximum fine of $15,000

First-Degree Felonies

Examples of first-degree felonies in Florida include:

  • Aggravated child abuse
  • Drug trafficking
  • Burglary
  • Armed robbery

Penalties for first-degree felonies include:

  • Maximum of 30 years in prison
  • Maximum of $10,000 in fines

Second-Degree Felonies

Examples of second-degree felonies in Florida include:

  • Aggravated battery
  • DUI manslaughter
  • Extortion

Penalties for second-degree felonies include:

  • Maximum of 15 years in prison
  • Maximum of $10,000 in fines

Third-Degree Felonies in Florida

Examples of third-degree felonies in Florida include:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Possession of cocaine
  • Resisting officer with violence

Penalties for third-degree felonies in Florida include:

  • Maximum of 5 years in prison
  • Maximum fine of $5,000

Drug-Related Felonies

Tampa drug crimes, such as drug trafficking, can be prosecuted in both state and federal courts as felonies. These types of crimes often involve moving large quantities of controlled substances over state lines and may be investigated by the DEA. If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a drug-related felony–whether at the state or federal level–we strongly advise you to seek help from our skilled Tampa criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible.

Understanding Florida’s 3 Strikes Law and its Impact on Felony Charges

Florida’s Three Strikes Law imposes severe penalties on individuals convicted of three or more serious criminal offenses, particularly felonies. Under this law, once a person has two prior convictions for violent or serious felonies, the third felony charge can lead to significantly harsher consequences, including mandatory minimum sentences or even life imprisonment, depending on the nature of the third offense. 

What Our Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Do For You

When it comes to criminal defense law, every case is entirely unique and requires plenty of time, legal resources, and research to create a solid defense strategy. When you work with the Tampa criminal lawyers at Buda Law, we promise to give you the effort and personal attention you need to secure the most favorable outcome in your case, whether that’s obtaining probation rather than jail time, avoiding the maximum sentence, having your case dismissed or dropped, or receiving a not-guilty verdict at trial. We’ll gather evidence for your case, interview and select witnesses, compose trial motions, advise you on legal matters, fight for you in court, and do whatever else is necessary to create reasonable doubt and avoid a criminal conviction or maximum sentence for your criminal charge. Buda Law provides competent and thorough legal representation for all felony charges, whether it is a life felony or third, second, or first-degree felony. We even defend against capital felonies. What’s more, the attorneys at Buda Law provide a certain degree of experience that only former prosecutors have. With that insight and knowledge on your side, you can rest assured that your defense will be crafted strategically to poke holes in the state’s case against you. If you are facing felony criminal charges, contact the Tampa criminal defense attorneys at Buda Law at 813-322-2832 to start discussing your case today.
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Whether you’ve just been accused of a crime or are formally facing criminal charges in Tampa, Florida, you need the best criminal lawyer in the area on your side from the very beginning. When you work with a law firm like Buda Law, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re working with a Florida criminal defense lawyer with the legal skill, resources, and relationships within the Florida justice system to obtain the most favorable outcome for your criminal case. Criminal law is not the only legal issue we handle at Buda Law – we also handle personal injury and car accident claims for clients injured in and around Tampa, FL. Call our criminal defense and personal injury attorneys in Tampa at 813-322-2832 today or complete our online intake form for a free consultation.


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