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Federal criminal law involves a broad spectrum of offenses that are prosecuted under the authority of the United States government. These offenses, known as federal crimes, can include everything from financial fraud to drug trafficking to terrorism and beyond.

Being charged with a federal crime is a serious matter, as these charges often come with the potential for severe penalties, including substantial fines and lengthy prison terms.

Individuals facing such intimidating accusations in Tampa, FL can turn to Andrew Buda of Buda Law, a seasoned Tampa federal criminal lawyer. With a deep understanding of federal criminal law and a proven track record in federal courts, Andrew Buda offers a strong defense strategy to fight federal charges. 

andrew buda law

If you’re facing a federal offense, don’t wait to secure the legal representation you deserve. Call Buda Law at (813) 322-2832 or contact us online to schedule your free and confidential consultation. 

What are Considered Federal Crimes?

A crime is classified as a federal offense when it crosses state lines, occurs on federal property, or directly violates federal laws established by the United States federal government.

These offenses can range from interstate drug trafficking to crimes committed on government-owned lands or offenses against federal institutions. These laws are enforced by federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and the Department of Homeland Security.

When facing charges from federal agents, the case requires the guidance of an experienced federal criminal attorney.

In Tampa, those accused of federal crimes can rely on the seasoned Tampa federal crime lawyers at Buda Law who are well-versed in federal legal proceedings and can provide the resources, knowledge, and guidance needed to handle these charges.

Tampa Federal Crime Defense Lawyer

Common Federal Crime Examples

Some of the most prevalent types of federal crimes include drug trafficking, tax evasion, bank fraud, and cybercrimes, each carrying the potential for lengthy prison sentences.

These offenses are taken extremely seriously, as they breach specific federal statutes and can threaten national security and public safety. Most federal criminal cases are meticulously prosecuted and require a strong defense due to the severe consequences of a conviction.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are a major focus of criminal prosecution at both federal and state levels, including offenses from possession and distribution to drug trafficking. These crimes are vigorously pursued by federal prosecutors, especially when they involve large-scale drug trafficking networks that operate across state lines or international borders.

The severity of charges and penalties can vary, influenced by the quantity of drugs, the type of substances involved, and whether there are prior offenses.

A Tampa drug crime attorney like Andrew Buda can offer excellent defense strategies and support, protecting your rights when facing federal drug charges.

White-Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes typically involve non-violent, financially motivated offenses such as money laundering, securities fraud, forgery, and other federal fraud offenses.

These crimes are rigorously prosecuted under criminal law within the federal criminal justice system, often involving complex legal proceedings in federal courts. Cases may start with a thorough investigation and can lead to a grand jury indictment.

These offenses require a profound understanding of legal principles and a strategic defense approach, particularly due to the severe financial penalties and potential prison sentences associated with convictions. A Tampa white-collar crime lawyer is essential for navigating these cases effectively.

Firearms Offenses

Firearms offenses may also result in a federal criminal charge, particularly when they involve the illegal possession, sale, or trafficking of firearms across state lines. These federal criminal cases are taken very seriously and are prosecuted under strict federal laws.

Individuals facing such federal charges should consult a federal criminal lawyer who is well-versed in weapons and firearms law.

Our Tampa weapons and firearms lawyers at Buda Law can provide valuable legal advice, craft a strong defense strategy, and work to reduce the potential consequences of these serious charges.


Cybercrimes encompass a wide range of illegal activities conducted via the internet, including severe offenses such as child pornography, which carry mandatory minimum sentences if prosecuted in federal court. Given the nature of these crimes, navigating a federal case requires a strong legal defense.

An experienced cybercrime attorney in Tampa is essential in addressing these charges, as they critically assess the evidence, challenge procedural errors, and work diligently to protect your rights throughout the judicial process.

Immigration Offenses

Immigration offenses, which often occur on federal land or involve illegal activities across national borders, are stringently handled by federal authorities and prosecuted under the watchful eyes of federal judges. These immigration crimes can include illegal entry, visa fraud, and smuggling of individuals.

Given the serious nature of these allegations and the harsh penalties that can accompany a conviction, anyone accused of such offenses should seek the counsel of a federal defense lawyer immediately.

A Tampa criminal defense attorney at Buda Law can contest the charges in court and negotiate possible plea deals, ensuring the most favorable outcome under challenging circumstances.

Terrorism Offenses

Terrorism offenses are taken extremely seriously under federal criminal law, particularly when they involve the use of national institutions to perpetrate threats or actual acts of terrorism.

For instance, sending harmful substances or threatening communications through the United States Postal Service can lead to severe federal charges, often resulting in a grand jury indictment and rigorous prosecution by a federal prosecutor.

In such high-stakes federal prosecutions, the guidance of a violent crimes attorney in Tampa is indispensable. Such an attorney will aggressively defend the accused by challenging the prosecution’s case and striving for a reduction or dismissal of charges wherever possible.

Racketeering and Organized Crime

Racketeering and organized crime are serious offenses that typically involve multiple criminal acts such as human trafficking, extortion, and money laundering. These crimes often trigger a federal investigation, leading to a grand jury indictment and potentially severe penalties under federal law.

Given the complications and harsh consequences associated with these federal crimes, it is important to have a powerful defense. Hiring a Tampa felony defense lawyer, particularly one experienced in federal criminal defense, is essential. A skilled federal criminal defense lawyer can protect your rights during lengthy legal proceedings and work to secure the best possible outcome, whatever that looks like given your individual situation.

Tampa Federal Crime Lawyer

Can You Be Charged at the Federal and State Level for the Same Crime?

Yes, it is possible to be charged at the federal and state levels for the same crime, a process often referred to as dual sovereignty. This can occur because federal and state laws may overlap on certain offenses, allowing both levels of government to prosecute independently.

For example, if a federal crime is committed in a manner that also breaks state law, a federal agent and state police could investigate, and separate charges could be filed in the federal court system and state court.

Therefore, an individual could face federal and state criminal charges for the same offense, each carrying its own set of penalties and legal proceedings. 

The Federal Criminal Law Process

The federal criminal process entails several stages, beginning with a federal criminal investigation conducted by federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI or DEA, potentially culminating in a trial and sentencing in federal court. 

Unlike state criminal proceedings, federal criminal offenses are prosecuted under federal laws and regulations, which often carry different penalties and procedural rules. A Tampa federal criminal defense lawyer from Buda Law can ensure that the accused comprehends the full repercussions of federal offenses compared to state charges. 

Additionally, a skilled attorney can represent the client through federal appeals, if necessary. This process involves challenging a lower court’s decision in a federal case and seeking review by a higher court to reverse or modify the outcome. 

Federal vs. State Criminal Penalties

Federal and state criminal penalties vary based on jurisdiction and the nature of the offense.

Federal crimes violate laws established by the United States government and are prosecuted by federal officials in federal courts. Penalties for federal crimes can include substantial fines and lengthy prison sentences.

On the other hand, state criminal penalties are determined by individual state laws and prosecuted in state courts. 

It’s essential to consult with an experienced federal defense attorney to understand the distinctions between the two systems.

Tampa Federal Crime Defense Attorney

Potential Challenges in Defending Crimes That Violate Federal Law

Defending against federal criminal charges presents unique challenges due to the substantial resources and investigative powers of government agencies and strict federal sentencing guidelines. 

Federal cases often involve complicated legal procedures and require extensive knowledge of federal criminal laws. In such high-stakes situations, federal criminal defense attorneys like Attorney Andrew Buda play a key role. Mr. Buda brings invaluable insights and strategies to federal cases, drawing on his understanding of both sides of the legal system, including insights from former prosecutor experience. 

Why You Need an Experienced Federal Criminal Lawyer On Your Side

Defending clients in federal court requires substantial knowledge and experience due to the severity of federal criminal prosecution. That’s why choosing a law firm with a proven track record in federal crime cases is crucial for a successful defense.

Experienced Tampa federal crime lawyers like those at Buda Law have the ability to anticipate the strategies of federal prosecutors and create a strong defense tailored to the unique circumstances of each client’s case.

By partnering with a seasoned law firm like our own, individuals facing federal charges can trust that they receive the skilled representation needed to achieve the best possible outcome for their case. 

Tampa Federal Crime Attorney

Call a Tampa Federal Criminal Defense Attorney at Buda Law Today

Facing federal criminal charges in Tampa? Don’t face them alone. Trust an experienced Tampa federal criminal attorney at Buda Law to defend your rights and advocate for the best possible outcome. With our dedicated team of federal lawyers, we provide personalized legal representation tailored to your unique case.

Call our law firm at (813) 322-2832 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards protecting your future today. 


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